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MOBILE GAME DEV?Get £25,000 to make your next great game
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You only pay us back if your game makes money. You retain all IP.


We’ll provide you with industry mentors to offer advice and guidance.


A private fund to enable indie devs to make great mobile games.


Submissions are now open. Apply below.



You keep 100% of the intellectual property rights associated with your game.


Once the game is released we take a revenue share. We only take revenue generated by games sales. See More


If your game fails to recoup it’s budget after 3 years you owe us nothing and have no further obligations.



8-BIT WATERSLIDE is the first game created with the Ancient Games Fund. Made in collaboration with Writer/Director comedy duo tea&cheese and indie game behemoth, Nicoll Hunt.


#1 App Store Arcade Game!

Top 10 in 19 countries!

Featured on Apple’s 15 WEIRDEST GAMES list!

4.5 star rating!


"There's just something to it's brand of crazy that makes everything work" -148Apps

"If you love retro graphics and have a big sense of humor, then 8-BIT WATERSLIDE is the perfect little gem for you!" - AppAdvise


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The creators of the BAFTA winning OlliOlli series and NOT A HERO.

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Solo genius Nicoll Hunt, creator of FIST OF AWESOME


We don’t tell you how to make your game - that’s up to you. Instead we provide mentors to help you along the way.


We’ve teamed up with hot indie devs I FIGHT BEARS and ROLL7 who’ll be on hand to offer you indispensable advice and guidance.


If your game is chosen, AGF will assist you in planning your budget and schedule.


  • Who can apply?

    Solo devs or small teams with a playable prototype looking to break into the gaming industry with a simple but great mobile game.

  • What gaming platforms?

    Given the amount we’re offering our focus is mobile games.

  • How developed should my idea be?

    You must have a playable prototype of your game we can check out and a clear idea about what you ultimately want to make. A full set of requirements is set out on the application form.

  • How much will AGF give my project?

    Up to £25,000. The fund will be paid in 5 instalments - Signing, first playable, Alpha, Beta and release. How much you get at each milestone is up to you.

  • What type of details will you need from me?

    We need a short bio for you and your team (if you have one).

    Your estimated budget, this doesn’t need to be exact but the more detail the better.

    Your planned release date. Again, just an estimate.

    A playable prototype of your game.

    Info about your game. What makes it special etc etc.

  • UK residents only?

    The Ancient Games Fund is open to applications from around the world!

  • Why do you need my email address?

    AGF is about fostering working relationships with talented game developers over the long term. Building a mailing list allows us to contact you about future funding opportunities and relevant news. We will never sell you information.

  • Will AGF sign a non-disclosure agreement?


    The main reason is that you don’t need an NDA to protect your work against copyright infringement. Given that you already have a prototype etc you have plenty of protection.

    The main function of an NDA is to ensure confidentiality - which is important - and we will never talk publicly about any of the games sent to us. But, given the amount of game ideas we are likely to receive, we simply don’t have the resources to negotiate NDAs with everyone.


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The Ancient Games Fund has been created to foster long term relationships with talented game developers.

The Ancient Games Fund is part of Ancient Games, a limited company based in Cyprus with a satellite office in London. It is led by passionate gamer and entrepreneur, Dimitre Sarkis.

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Dimitre Sarkis
Ancient Games Fund and Ancient Games founder.

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Jamie Stanton
Ancient Games Fund Manager.




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